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General terms and conditions of sale of PAIDLE SA, for purchase invoice

By using the Paidle Invoice payment method, you confirm your acceptance of these GTCs.

Paidle allows collaboration with a reseller the payment method by invoice (Paidle invoice). The Paidle invoice is only available for consumers over 18 years of age residing in Switzerland.

By opting for the Paidle invoice, you agree to pay the amount of your order to Paidle. The purchase is also subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of the merchant with whom you placed the order.

By using our payment method, you agree that Paidle SA:

  • Using the personal data provided for billing purposes;
  • Verifies your creditworthiness with the database of CRIF AG based in Zurich and inform them of your payment deadline, if any.

The payment period varies from 20 to 30 days from the purchase date. The due date is stated and displayed on the invoice. Once this period has expired, the total amount invoiced is due; the payment is therefore automatically considered overdue, without prior notice.

In the event of late payment, Paidle reserves the right to send several reminders (in principle two reminders) and at the same time to claim a reminder fee of at least CHF 15.- for each reminder. Paidle may also appoint a collection company in Switzerland or abroad.

At the time of transfer to a collection agency, an assessment fee of CHF 10.- minimum will be added as capital to the amount claimed. The collection agency will then have a right to directly claim payment of the receivable and collection costs.

The merchant remains solely responsible for processing customer requests, including requests relating to the order, its shipment, delivery time, returns and other claims.

Paidle is only responsible for enquiries regarding the Paidle invoice.