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You do not have to share your credit card or bank account details, just your name and your address is sufficient!



You Buy First and Pay Later, very convenient when buying on the internet. It allows you to see first what you purchased and then pay.

You can also choose to receive electronic invoice or paper invoice.

Easy and Quick

Easy and quick

Just follow the normal check out steps and select Paidle invoice payment, in a few clicks you will be done! Happy Shopping!


  • Will I receive my invoice by email or post?

    All invoices are sent by emails, but you can also choose to receive it by post directly on the merchant website or by contacting us at note that there will be an additional charge of CHF3,50 for sending it by post.

  • Can I pay the merchant directly?

    No, the payment needs to be made directly to us via the BVR you have received. We may have already settled the merchant for this purchase.

  • I have changed my address do I need to do anything?

    Yes, please report any changes to us either by contacting our customer support by email or phone. Thanks in advance.

  • I have used the wrong reference for the payment, what do I do?

    Please contact our customer support to check first if we have received your payment if not you will need to contact your bank and redo the payment.

  • I don’t have a registered address in Switzerland, Can I use your solution?

    No unfortunately we only operate in Switzerland for now. We will let you know when we expand to other countries.

  • Do you do a credit check on me?

    Yes we use the details you provide us e.g name and address to perform a credit check in partnership with CRIF leader in Switzerland for the credit scoring. Don’t worry this is for your own safety to confirm you are who you say you are.

  • When will I receive my goods?

    For questions related to goods and delivery please contact directly the merchant you ordered from.

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